Application for the HCM Workshop: "Calculus of Variations: A New Generation" (September 16-20, 2024)

The due date for the application is June 15th, 2024.

Please send applications using the form below.

If you are a PhD student or have not finished your course of study yet, please attach a CV to your application. (A letter of recommendation is not required.) Only one document can be uploaded, so please combine all documentation into one PDF.

All files must be pdf. Use short file names without non-latin and special characters (e.g. tilde ~, umlaut , ampersand &). Please do not upload password protected pdf-documents.

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The University of Bonn and HCM are committed to diversity and equal opportunity. We aim to increase the proportion of women in areas where women are underrepresented and to facilitate their careers. We therefore strongly encourage women with relevant qualifications to apply.

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